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Cape point named after Elvira « Moppe » Bono

    Elvira Bono/Sormunen also known as Moppe (b. 5th May 1893 in Katrineholm, Sweden- d. August 6th 1973 in Rovaniemi, Finland) was a circus artist, who performed in her father’s circus as a rope dancer, a trick rider and a trapeze artist from the age of four. She also had an act with a boa constrictor. Elvira toured with different circuses in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Germany. She first appeared under the artist name of Miss Laura. Elvira Bono was married at only 16 years of age to a Finnish experessionist Jalmari Ruokokoski, who painted several circus theme paintings inspired by Elvira Bono. Her marriage did not last long due to problems of finances and alcohol consuption of her husband. Elvira resumed her career in the circuses again as a perch-acrobat with partner Eddie Hyyppä. Unfortunately, she fell off the perch in St. Petersborg in 1917 severely injuring herself, thus having to end her acrobatic career. Later on, Elvira Bono moved to Lapland and made a living performing various jobs at the gold mines and forest industry. Elvira with her new husband Unto Sormunen build a cottage by the lake Inari in the embrace of Lapland’s wilderness. Named landmarks after Elvira Bono: Cape Point « Mopenniemi, » Nellim, Inari; Moppe’s hut, Ritakoski, Inari.

    Address : Mopenniemi, Nellimvuono, Inari

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