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Centre for nursing practice named after Mary Seacole

    Mary Seacole (Mary Jane Grant) (born Kingston, Colony of Jamaica 23 November 1805 – died 14 May 1881 London, England) was a British-Jamaican nurse who became known by helping wounded soldiers during the Crimean War (1853-1856). She combined the practices of military doctors with her knowledge of the West African herbal remedies, which she learned from her mother. She nursed victims of cholera in Panama and yellow fever in Jamaica. In Crimea she opened the British Hotel and provided help for the wounded on the battlefield. In 1991 she was posthumously awarded the Jamaican Order of Merit and in 2004 voted the greatest black Briton.

    The Mary Seacole Centre for Nursing Practice was originally created in 1998. Professor Elizabeth Anionwu named it after Mary Seacole as a remembrance of Seacole’s contributions to nursing.

    Address : University of West London Paragon House, Boston Manor Rd, Brentford TW8 9GA

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