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Faountain named after MIhrishah Valide Sultan

    Mihrishah Valide Sultan – an ethnic Georgian, the original name is Agnesa, the daughter of a Georgian Orthodox priest. She entered the Harem in 1757 and soon became the chosen woman of Sultan Mustafa III and received the name Mihr-i-shah, which means the « Sun of the Şah » in Persian. n 1761 she gave birth to her second child, a son, Şehzade Selim – Sultan Selim III, first son born in the Ottoman Dynasty 30 years later. She lived in the Palace until the death of Mustafa in 1774, then moved to Old Palace, and only after Selim ascended the throne Mihrishah became the Valide Sultan and returned to renovate Topkapi Palace. Mihrishah Valide Sultan never interfered in politics of the son and devoted her full life to charity. She built a mosque for the Humbaracıhane at Hasköy (Turkey) and founded a school of medicine at Üsküdar (Turkey). In 1793, she repaired the Silahtar Yusuf Pasha Fountain in Yeniköy in Istanbul and built numerous fountains. Later, one of them between Eminönü and Balıkpazarı was called after her name – Mihrişah Vâlide Fountain. She died On October 16, 1805, at the age of 61, and was buried in the mosque built by her at Eyϋp, Istanbul.

    Address : Yeniköy, Köybaşı Cd. No:145, 34464 Sarıyer/İstanbul

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