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Houise of the Hernnhut Sisters

    A Herrnhut colony consisting predominantly of German immigrants was established in Christiansfeld in 1772-73. They created a town, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, whose town plan and architecture are characterised by harmony, simplicity and great uniformity, where they lived partially isolated from the surrounding society. The Sisters’ House was built in 1776 and further extended several times until 1881. The house was originally a home for the town’s unmarried sisters. Once the young girls had been confirmed, they moved into the Sisters’ House, where they lived until they were eventually married. The house housed up to 250 young and older women. Many of these women earned their living by sewing, knitting, and processing textiles. In addition, some of the women worked in the town’s growing factories, particularly in the tobacco industry.

    Address : 14, Nørregade, 6070 Christiansfeld

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