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House of Beta and Rista Vukanović

    Beta Vukanović/Babette Bachmayer (b. Bamberg, Germany, 1872 – d. 1972, Belgrade, Serbia) was an impressionist painter. In 1890, she enrolled in a private art school in Munich where she met Rista Vukanović, Serbian painter and her future husband. They married in 1898 and moved to Belgrade. In 1899, the couple received permission from the Ministry of Education to inherit the first Serbian school of painting and drawing from its founder Kiril Kutlik after his death. She began her pedagogical work in 1900. She worked as a volunteer nurse in the Balkan Wars. Due to her knowledge of foreign languages, she assisted foreign doctors. She was awarded the Order for the Care of the Wounded and Sick (1912) and the Medal for Services to the Red Cross of Serbia (1913). When the First World War began, with the Serbian army, the couple went south to Thessaloniki and then to Marseille (France). Her husband, already seriously ill, died in France in 1918. Beta went back to Serbia where she founded the Association of Fine Artists in Belgrade (1919), and in 1921, she became a teacher at the art school. She painted until the end of her life. She was buried in Belgrade.

    Address : Kapetan Mišina 13, Belgrade

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