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Lecture theatre named after Louise Bourgeois

    Lecture Hall in the University of Bordeaux commemorating Louise Bourgeois (b. Paris, France, 1911 – d. 2010, New York, USA) who was an artist, sculptor and plastic artist. French naturalized American, Louise Bourgeois is best known for her sculpture and monumental installations, although she also practices painting and engraving. It was in New York in the 1940s that she began her career as an artist. Her works evoke universality, relationships between people, love, frustration between lovers or members of the same family, eroticism, procreation. Among the emblematic representations of his work, the spider will always represent the mother. She is close to the abstract expressionist and surrealist movements, as well as to the feminist movement, but remains all her life unaffiliated to any particular movement.

    Address : University of Bordeaux , Domaine Universitaire, 19 esplanade des Antilles, 33607 Pessac

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