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Library named after Luisa Carnés

    Luisa Carneés (b. Madrid, Spain, 1905 – d.1964, Mexico City,, Mexico), also known as Clarita Montes y Natalia Vall, was a writer and journalist. She was a member of the Communist Party of Spain and an advocate for women’s suffrage. Carnés also defended the 2nd Spanish Republic, so after the Spanish Civil in 1939, she crossed the border to France and sailed to Mexico, where, like many Spanish republicans, she was granted asylum. She remained in Mexico until her death. She collaborated with various newspapers such as El Imparcial, La Voz, Mundo Obrero, El Nacional, Crónica, and Estampa, among others. In addition, she was the director of the magazine Mujeres Españolas. She also wrote numerous books, for example, Peregrinos del calvario, Natacha and Tea Rooms.

    Address : Av. de los Príncipes de España, 16, 28823 Coslada, Madrid, Spain

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