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Memorial cross for four nuns from Lintula

    This orthodox cross is a memorial to the four nuns from Lintula monastery who passed in 1943 in Kuhmalahti. Lintula monastery was originally located in Kivennapa holder in Lintula Village. When Finland became independent and The Russian revolutions began, Lintula monastery’s ties to Russia were cut and the monastery was transferred under the rule of Orthodox Church of Finland. In the midst of the beginning of the Winter War in 1939, the residents of the monastery fled to Finland. 47 nuns fled to Joroinen where they continued their way to Luhanka and settled to Kuhmalahti. Most of the nuns didn’t speak Finnish and they were of different ages, around 20–90 years old. Priest Illirik was only man who fled with them. The nuns founded a temporary monastery to Kuhmalahti. They also worked outside monastery by making crafts, helping others during the harvest and baking and selling bread to the people living in Kuhmalahti. The monastery moved to Heinävesi in 1946. Four members of the monastery passed in Kuhmalahti and this cross was a tribute to them: Schema nun Helena (b. 21 May 1866 – d. 13 September 1943 Kuhmalahti, Finland), Nun Evlalia (b. 26 February 1884 – d. 16 November 1943 Kuhmalahti, Finland), Nun Evfimia (b. 24 November 1862 – d. 21 September 1943 Kuhmalahti, Finland) and Nun Marina (b. 1 July 1900 – d. 28. November 1943 Kuhmalahti, Finland).

    Address : Kuhmalahdentie 7-1,36810 Kangasala

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