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Memorial plaque of Katharina Lins / Sr. Josepha Nikolina

    Katharina Lins (Josefa Nikolina) (b. Zams, Austria, 1788 – d. 1838, Zams, Austria) was born in Tyrol to a deeply religious family. Her uncle established a hospital for the poor in her hometown and Katharina was assigned to manage it as a nurse. Later Katharina was sent to Strasbourg by her uncle to the lead house of Sister of Charity (Barmherzigen Schwertern). In 1823 she took her monastic vows and name Josefa Nikolina. After that she returned to Austria and Zams where she established the first Tyrolean mother house of the Sisters of Charity and contributed to the establishment of the hospital St. Vinzens in Zams. She also established a hospital for the poor in Wien. The school in Zams that bears her name includes several levels of education.

    Address : Mutterhaus d. Barmherzigen Schwestern in Zams, Klostergasse 10, 6511 Zams

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