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Monument to Cavell & Depage

    Edith Cavell (b. Swardeston, England, 4 December 1865 – d. 12 October 1915, Schaerbeek, Belgium) was born in Norfolk, near Norwich. She travelled to Brussels in her early life, working as a governess before returning to England. She trained as a nurse and upon the outbreak of WW1, Cavell returned to Brussels to work in a Red Cross hospital, where she began sheltering British soldiers and helping them to escape occupied Belgium into the Netherlands. In 1915, she was arrested and later executed by a German firing squad after helping hundreds of Allied soldiers escape. Her body was was returned to Britain after the war for a memorial service at Westminster Cathedral and then transferred to Norwich, for burial inside the cathedral.
    Marie Pauline Depage (née Picard, Ixelles, Belgium, 23 September 1872 – d. 7 May 1915, RMS Lusitania) was a Belgian nurse who died on the Lusitania bombing. During the war, she organized and joined ambulance expeditions to the Balkans. She raised funds for her hospital in the USA, and it was on her return to Belgium on the Lusitania that she died. Her funeral was attended by the Royal family of Belgium. She is commemorated in Belgium with another influential nurse, Edith Cavell with a memorial by Belgian sculptor Paul Du Bois.

    Address : 1180, rue Edith Cavell, junction rue Marie Depage, 32, Brussels

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