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Monument to Élisa-Napoléone Baciocchi

    Élisa Napoléone Baciocchi (b. Lucca, Italy, 1805 – d. 1894 London, UK) was an agriculturist. Her father Félix was ​​an officer in the Napoleonic army and her mother, Élisa Bonaparte, Princess of Piombino and Grand Duchess of Tuscany, was the sister of Napoleon I. In 1852 she moved to Paris and then after a brief stay in the Veneto, settled for good in Brittany where she embarked on fish farming and Breton cattle breeding, from which she received a prize at the Universal Exhibition in 1855. She initiated the first agricultural shows in Brittany.

    Address : Avenue de la Princesse, 56390 Colpo, France

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