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Monument to Josipina Turnograjska

    Josipina Urbančič (b. Turn castle, Preddvor, Kingdom of Illyria, Austrian Empire (now in Slovenia), 1833 – d. 1854, Graz, Duchy of Styria, Austrian Empire (now in Austria)) was one of the first Slovene female writers, poets, and composers. She published under the pen name Josipina Turnograjska (literally ‘of Turn Castle’). In 1850 she was engaged to Lovro Toman, a poet and later a successful lawyer and influential politician. Toman studied law in Graz and their extensive correspondence has remained and is an important source of information on everyday life in mid-19th century Slovenia. In 1853 they were married and moved permanently to Graz. Josipina died there a year later after a combination of complications at childbirth and measles. She was only 20.

    Address : 4205 Potoče, Slovenia

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