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Monument to Leïla Hagondokoff

    Leïla Hagondokoff (b. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1898 – d. 1985, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France) was a medical personality who served in the Foreign Legion. She received the titles of Commander of the Legion of Honor and Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit. She married Captain Nicolas Bagenoff of the Imperial Guard, having met him as a war nurse. The couple moves to China, due to his exile. They divorced in 1922 and left China. Living in the United States and then France, in 1934, she married Count Ladislas du Luart. During the Spanish Civil War, she directed a mobile surgical unit in order to provide assistance to the wounded. Later, she created a military recreation center at the Chenoua camp for the legionaries and soldiers of the 2nd Army corps staying in Algiers.

    Address : Base Aérienne 115 Caritat, 84100 Orange

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