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Monument to refugee children

    The Monument to refugee children in the Park “Žena Borec” (Woman fighter) in Skopje, has been erected in 1988, as a commemoration of the Macedonians refugees from the Civil War in Greece (1946–1949), when massive waves of refugees fled mainly to socialist countries. Only from March to April 1948, over 30,000 children were evacuated to: Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, East Germany, etc. The main mass of refugees were women with children. They moved in groups led by young women and girls, who were known as ‘majki’ (mothers). They were in charge of a group of children each, walking at night in order to escape the bombing. The visual presentation at the Monument to refugee children is a mother who carries children. It was solemnly opened by Atina Popovska (one of the ‘mothers’) and a member of the Presidium of the First Meeting of Refugee Children from the Aegean part of Macedonia (Skopje, 1988).

    Address : Park "Žena Borec", Skopje

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