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Mountain peak named after Bucura Dumbravă

    Bucura Dumbrava (b. Bratislava, Slovakia, 1868 – d. 1926, Port Said, Egypt), was a Hungarian-born Romanian genre novelist, hiker and Theosophist. Dumbrava was born in Bratislava and moved between various parts of Austria and Hungary. Dumbrava wrote mainly in German and her romantic stories are about legendary feats of hajduk heroes. Dumbravă was active as a music critic, art promoter, researcher at Romanian Academy and lecturer in folklore. Today is mainly remembered for her activity in promoting tourism and environmentalism in Romania. Dumbrava is known as a mountaineer who established some of Romania’s first hiking clubs while her travel writing is famous in Romanian literature. Dumbrava promoted the inclusion of women in Romanian Freemasonry and she also set up the Romanian lodge of the Theosophical Society.

    Address : Bucura Dumbravă Peak, second highest peak in Bucegi Mountains (also named Ocolici Peak, 2.503 m.)

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