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Museum named after Hilla Von Rebay

    Hildegard Anna Augusta Elisabeth Freiin Rebay von Ehrenwiesen, known as Baroness Hilla von Rebay or simply Hilla Rebay (b. Strasbourg, German Empire, 1890 – d. 1967, Greens Farms, USA), was an abstract artist and co-founder and first director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. In 1927, she immigrated to the United States and settled in New York City, becoming a key figure in advising Solomon R. Guggenheim to collect abstract art, which would later form the basis of the collection. She was also influential in designing the current Guggenheim museum, which is now known as a modernist icon in New York City. Rebay was acknowledged to have excellent taste in modern art. She continued to paint and achieved some recognition for her abstract works. Although she was long a confidante to Solomon Guggenheim, others in the family found her personally difficult, and after Solomon Guggenheim died in 1949, the family expelled her from the board of directors. She never set foot in the museum she helped create.

    Address : Hilla von Rebay Haus, Emmendinger Straße, Teningen,

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