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Plaque to Elsie Maud Inglis

    Dr Elsie Maud Inglis (b. Eliza Maud Inglis; Nainital, India 16 August 1864 – d. 26 November 1917 Newcastle upon Tyne, England) was a doctor, a surgeon and a teacher. She was the founder of the Scottish Women’s Suffrage Federation and the Scottish Women’s Hospitals. She was born and educated in India, her father being an East India Company civil servant, before moving to Edinburgh with her parents at age 12. In Edinburgh, she enrolled in Edinburgh School of Medicine for Women. As a doctor, she was interested in women’s health and maternity, which also led her to be politically engaged for the rights of women. Her fame especially comes from her efforts during World War I. During her efforts to improve women’s health, she also travelled to Serbia to lead the team she sent there in 1916. She was the first woman to be awarded the Serbian Order of the White Eagle. The plaque says the following words: Elsie Maud Inglis Founder Scottish Women’s Hospitals France, Serbia, Russia 1914-1918, practised medicine here 1898-1914.

    Address : 8 Walker St, Edinburgh EH3 7LH

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