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School named after Emmy Destinn

    Emmy Destinn (b. Prague, Austria-Hungary 1878 – d. 1930 České Budějovice, Czechoslovakia) was a Czech operatic soprano with a strong and soaring lyric-dramatic voice. She had a career both in Europe and at the New York Metropolitan Opera. Her family left Prague and until the age of 14, Emmy grew up in Milešov, where her father owned mines. In 1892, she was sent to a German boarding school in Prague to learn German, playing the piano and the violin, but Anna Adamcová, a member of the National Theatre, advised her to improve her singing. Destinn made her London debut at Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House on 2 May 1904, and her Metropolitan Opera debut came in 1908 with an acclaimed performance of Aida.

    Address : nám. Svobody 930/3, 160 00 Praha 6-Bubeneč

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