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School named after Josefa de Óbidos

    Josefa de Óbidos (b. Seville, Crown of Castile, c. 1630 – d. 1684, Óbidos, Kingdom of Portugal) was a Spanish-born Portuguese painter. Her birth name was Josefa de Ayala Figueira, but she signed her work as, « Josefa em Óbidos » or « Josefa de Ayalla ». All of her work was completed in Portugal, her father’s native country, where she lived from the age of four. In the course of her career, she received many important public commissions for altarpieces and other paintings to be displayed in churches and monasteries throughout central Portugal. Approximately 150 works of art have been attributed to Josefa de Óbidos, making her one of the most prolific Baroque artists in Portugal.

    Address : School Josefa de Óbidos, Rua Coronel Ribeiro Viana, Lisbon

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