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Statue of Sent M’Ahesa

    Sent M’Ahesa, pseudonym of Else von Carlberg (b. Riga, Latvia, 1883 – d. 1970, Stockholm, Sweden), was a Swedish dancer, translator, and journalist. In 1907, she moved to Berlin with her sister Erika, who later worked as an actress, translator, and poet, to study Egyptology. In 1909, she performed for the first time in Munich with a program of ancient Egyptian dances. Sent M’ahesa also extended her repertoire to Indian, Native American, and Thai dances. Until the mid-1920s, she enjoyed considerable fame, combining « eccentricity and exoticism ». In 1932, she unexpectedly ended her career as a dancer and moved to Sweden, her family’s country of origin. She embarked on a career as a translator and worked as a journalist for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Atlantis Magazine. She died in Stockholm on 19 November 1970. The La Danceuse Bronze statue can be found on Square Jules Boquet in Amiens, France. It was created by artist Bernhard Hoetger (1874–1949) and represents Sent M’Ahesa. In 1980, the statue was given by the city of Dortmund, which is twinned with Amiens.

    Address : Square Jules Bocquet, 80000 Amiens

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