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Street named after Adeline Pauline Irby

    Adeline Paulina Irby (b. Boyland Hall, Great Britain, 19 December 1831 – 15 September 1911, Sarajevo, Bosnia) was a British travel writer and suffragist. She travelled throughout the Balkan Peninsula and eventually moved to Sarajevo, where she founded an early girls’ school and organized relief to thousands of refugees. In 1879 – after the Herzegovina upris-ing (1875-1877) – Irby was able to re-open the school supporting Christian children in Sara-jevo. The school was credited with educating the next generation of teachers. The centenary of her death was commemorated throughout the former Yugoslavia where she is often re-ferred to simply as Miss Irby.

    Address : Ulica Mis Irbina, Sarajevo

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