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Street named after Björg C. Þorláksson

    Dr. Björg C. Þorláksson (b. Reykjavík, Iceland, 1874 – d. 1934, Copenhagen, Denmark) was an academic and researcher who in 1926 became the first Icelandic woman to receive a doctorate. She left Iceland for Denmark for her education in 1897, attempted to get into an Icelandic college but was refused, completed her studies in Denmark and graduated with a cand. phil. in philosophy from the University of Denmark in 1902. She worked on the 20-year project of an Icelandic-Danish dictionary with her husband (for which he received both all the credit and an honorary doctorate from the University of Iceland) and was an active writer and translator. She was 47 years old when she started her doctoral studies at the Sorbonne (Le Fondement Physiologique des Instincts: Des Systemes Nutritif, Neuromusculaire et Genital). She died in Copenhagen.

    Address : Bjargargata, 102 Reykjavík, Iceland

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