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Street named after Dora D’Istria

    Dora d’Istria, pen-name of duchess Helena Koltsova-Massalskaya, born Elena Ghica (Gjika/Xhika) (b. Bucharest, Romania,1828 – d. 1888, Florence, Italy), was a Romanian and Albanian Romantic writer and feminist. She is most notable for having emblematized the Albanian national cause of the 19th century. She married the Russian duke Alexander Koltsov-Massalski, making her the duchess Helena Koltsova-Massalskaya. They lived for several years in Russia, mostly in Saint Petersburg. She went to Switzerland for several years and then journeyed through Greece and Anatolia. Finally, she returned to Italy and lived in a villa in Florence, occasionally traveling to France, Ireland, and the United States.

    Address : Rruga Dora D'Istria, Tirana

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