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Street named after Elaine Sanceau

    Elaine Sanceau (b. Croydon, England, 1896 – d. 1978, Porto, Portugal) was a historian. Having studied in Montreux, Switzerland, she left for Brazil with her family, where she stayed until 1931. It was there, in Terras de Vera Cruz, that Elaine Sanceau came into contact, for the first time, with the History of Portugal and, particularly, with the 16th century period, which immediately aroused her interest and awoke her spirit of investigation. Having settled in Portugal, first in Oporto and later in Leça do Balio, she soon set out on the path of historical research into the period which had so attracted her. She would produce 38 books, of which 28 were on the 16th century. All of her books were written in English and then translated but her excellent knowledge of Portuguese made her a severe critic of the translators’ work.

    Address : Praceta Elaine Sanceau

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