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Street named after Eugenia Crușevan

    Eugenia Crușevan (b. 1889, Fălești, Bessarabia, Russian Empire – 11 martie 1976, Timișoara, Romania), was born in Bessarabia, the province of Russian Empire. She went to high school in Chișinău and studied law at the University in Moscow, where she graduated in 1918. Crușevan starts her career in Chișinău and afterwards she became a secretary of the Romanian Women Society (Societatea Femeile Române). In 1944 during the evacuation of Bessarabia she establishes herself to Romania (moving from Buzău to Timișoara), where she practices law. Eugenia Crușevan is the first women to practice law in Bessarabia and Moldova, although due to WWII she moved to continue her career in Romania.

    Address : Strada avocat Eugenia Crușevan, Chișinău, Moldova

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