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Street named after Marianne von Werefkin

    Marianne von Werefkin, born Marianna Wladimirowna Werewkina (b. Tula, Russian Empire, 1860 – d. 1938, Ascona, Switzerland), was a Russian-German-Swiss Expressionist painter, whose work is celebrated as a central part of German Expressionism. In 1874, Werefkin’s talent for drawing was discovered, and she immediately received academic drawing lessons. In 1896, after the death of Werefkin’s father, which would provide Werefkin with a noble Tsarist pension of 7,000 rubles per annum, she moved to Munich ans stayed in Germany until 1914. When World War I broke out in 1914, she had to leave Germany within 24 hours and fled to Switzerland. As a result of the Russian October Revolution, Werefkin lost her Tsarist pension. Later she moved to Ascona on Lake Maggiore. A large part of her artistic and literary legacy is kept in the Fondazione Marianne Werefkin in Ascona. Thanks to donations, their holdings have now grown to almost 100 paintings.

    Address : Marianne-von-Werefkin-Straße, Hattersheim am Main

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