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Street named after Marina Știrbei

    Marina Știrbei (b. Vienna, Austria, 1912 – d. 2001, Bouloc, France) was a Romanian aviator known as the  »Princess of Romanian aviation » during World War II. She made a flight and a research trip to Stockholm where she was inspired by the Lotta Svärd paramilitary organization made exclusively of women. Back in Romania, Marina Știrbei convinced the Romanian government to establish a similar aviation unit to rescue soldiers from front lines. This idea is linked to her activity as a member of Romanian Red Cross. The request was accepted and in 1940, Marina Știrbei became the founder of the White Squadron (Escadrila Alba, Escadrila Sanitara), an aviation unit made from air ambulances piloted by women from the Royal Romanian Air Force. After the end of World War II, when the monarchy was replaced by a communist regime, Marina Știrbei, her family, and colleagues from the squadron were under surveillance. She and her colleagues from the White Squadron were banned to follow their previous career. With the help of Marthe Bibesco, she then left Romania in 1964 and settled in the United Kingdom and later in France.

    Address : Strada Marina Știrbei, Craiova

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