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Street named after Nadia (Nadejda) Russo-Bossie

    Nadia Russo-Bossie (b. Tver, Russian Empire, 1901 – d. 1988, Bucharest, Romania), was a famous aviator. She and her sister fled Russia in 1917 to escape the Red Terror and took refuge in Bessarabia, which became part of the Kingdom of Romania. Nadia Russo went to Bucharest to study nursing and aviation. She bought a plane and represented Romania in several competitions. The King of Romania, Carol II, awarded her the Order of ‘Aeronautical Virtue’ of peace, the Golden Cross class. Throughout the course of WWII, the ‘White Squad’ she was part of saved more than 1,500 lives from the front lines. However, she was later put in the Baragan labour camp, and after her release lived poorly in Bucharest. After her death Romania named her ‘the first aviator from Bessarabia’.

    Address : Strada Nadejda Russo, Chișinău, 2068, Moldova

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