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Street named after Soledad Cazorla

    Soledad Cazorla (Soledad Cazorla Prieto) (born Larache, Morocco, 19 February 1955 – died 4 May 2015, Madrid, Spain) was a jurist and Spain’s first prosecutor against gender violence. Her career started at the Fiscalia of Girona in 1981. In 2005 she became Public Prosecutor in the Section against Violence towards Woman. She attended several international meetings for the defense of women’s rights in France, UK, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Ecuador, China and Niger. As a national jurist, she collaborated in publications and articles related to Penal Laws. She was gratified with the Medal of Honour from the school of Lawyers of Madrid in 2014. In November 2008, the Ministry of Equality recognized her work in the fight against Gender Violence. She inaugurated the third Summit of Women jurists in October 2015. Four months later, a scholarship fund was created in reaction to her works to encourage and promote personal development, educational support and life improvement of children deprived of their mother due to gender violence.

    Address : Calle de Soledad Cazorla, 28044 Madrid, Spain

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