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Tomb of Atina Popovska

    Atina Popovska (b. Šeštevo, Greece, 1929 – d. Skopje, N. Macedonia, 2021) was a woman migrant, educator, and teacher. She was one of the so called ‘mothers’, who were responsible for the evacuation of minor children from the combat areas during the Civil War (1946–1949). Passing through Macedonia and Romania, she arrived in Poland. There she worked at the school at the State Educational Center for Macedonian and Greek children as a teacher for Macedonian and Greek languages (1948–1955), a teacher in a children's home (1955–1975), a member of the Union of Polish Teachers, and more. She was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit by the State Council of the People's Republic of Poland (1961), the Golden Cross, and the Third Degree Award of the Minister of Education and Training in 1974. After immigrating to Macedonia, she represented all the ‘mothers’ in the Presidium of the First Meeting of Refugee Children from the Aegean part of Macedonia (Skopje, 1988). Her woman migrant story was recorded for the radio show “Mother Tina’s Children”, marking the start of the cassette production of Macedonian Radio and Television.

    Address : Gradski grobišta “Butel”, Skopje, N. Macedonia

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