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Tomb of Elena Kavaeva

    Elena Ettinger-Kavaeva (b. Czestochowa, Poland, 1893 – d. 1983, Ohrid, Macedonia), is a famous medical worker in Macedonia. She was born in Poland and graduated in pediatrics in Berlin (1920) where she became a specialist in children’s diseases. Her path to Macedonia leads through Russia, where she participated in the October Revolution, but had to flee in 1923, together with her husband. First they arrived in the Macedonian city of Struga, where she was appointed as a municipal doctor, and then moved to Ohrid, where she continued to fight malaria. On her initiative the Health Station “Malarična” was built (1924), to help treat malaria. Even after the death of her husband, she remained in Macedonia, opening the first children’s dispensary in Ohrid.

    Address : Gradski grobišta A3, Ohrid

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