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Tomb of Katarina Matanović Kulenović

    Katarina Matanović-Kulenović (b. Vuka, Austria-Hungary, 1913 – d. 2003, Zagreb, Croatia) was the first Croatian pilot and parachutist. Since 1935, she was a member of the Zagreb Aero Club, and in 1936, she received her sports pilot’s license. In 1938, at the airport in Zemun, she became the first woman in Eastern Europe to jump with a parachute. She also founded the « women’s section » of the Zagreb Aero Club. She was a member of the Independent State of Croatia Air Force from 1943 with the rank of lieutenant. After the war, due to political reasons, Katarina stopped flying and later found a job in Cologne, Germany, where she spent 10 years. After returning to Croatia, Katarina was re-admitted to the Zagreb Aero Club in 2001, after 56 years.

    Address : Aleja Hermanna Bollea, Zagreb

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