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Tomb of Rachel Bluwstein

    Rachel Bluwstein (b. Saratov, Russian Empire, 1890 – d. 1931 Tel Aviv, Israel), was a famous poet. Most of her poetry was published during her last six years. Today Rachel the Poetess is well known to the children throughout Israel as her poems are included in the mandatory curriculum in the schools. With World War I leaving her stranded in Europe, she moved to Odessa and worked at a children’s refugee home, where she contracted tuberculosis. In 1919, she returned to Palestine and settled at Kevuzat Deganyah as an agronomist until she was forced to leave due to her illness. In 1925 Rahel moved to Tel Aviv, reaching the peak of her poetic output until her death from tuberculosis in 1931 at the age of 41.

    Address : Kinneret cementary

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