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Tombstone of Anna Vyrubova

    Anna Alexandrovna Vyrubova (Anna Alexandrovna Tanejeva) (born Oranienbaum, Russian Empire, 1884 – died Helsinki, Finland, 1964) was a handmaid to the last Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna (1872–1918). Her father was a Chief Steward of His Majesty’s Own Chancellery and her mother was a part of the Russian Imperial Court. Anna served the Romanovs and Grigori Rasputin. She was imprisoned in 1917 for five months and interrogated for her connections to Rasputin. After her release she escaped with her mother from the Bolsheviks to Vyborg in 1920. Anna moved to Helsinki after her mother’s death. When the Winter War broke out she moved to Stockholm for a short period. After the war ended, Anna lived her last years in Töölö with her friend and handmaid Vera Sapelova. She took the vows as a Russian Othodox nun, but didn’t move to a monastery due to her disabilities at an older age.

    Address : Lapinlahdentie 2-4, Helsinki

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