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Tombstone of Marie Linder

    Marie Linder (Marie Musin-Pushkin) (born St. Petersburg, Russia 1840, – died 1870, Helsinki, Finland) was a manor hostess and an author. She was an important figure in Helsinki’s social circles in the 1860s and part of an aristocratic family with connections to Finland and Russia. She participated in amateur theater performances, played the piano, and sang and recited poems in her aunt Aurora Karamzin’s salon. She was married to Constantin Linder and bought the Kytäjä manor in 1861. In 1864 the Linder’s established the first elementary school in Kytäjä, which operated entirely at their expense. Writing had long been her hobby and in 1866 she wrote several short stories to Vecko-biblioteket magazine under the pseudonym Stella. Her only novel En qvinna af vår tid (A woman of our time) was published in 1867. Some critics mocked its ideological message but few, such as Finnish authors Zachris Topelius and Adelaide Ehrnrooth, understood.

    Address : Hietaniemenkatu 20, 00100 Helsinki

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