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Tombstone of Nun Agnia

    Nun Agnia (Anna Ionovna Filina) (born Novogrod, Russia, 1865 – d. 1939, Heinävesi, Finland) was a nun at the Lintula monastery. Before moving to Lintula, Anna was at the Kazan monastery. Anna was ordained a nun in 1936. The Lintula monastery was originally located in Kivennapa (Lintula village). When Finland became independent and the Russian revolutions began, the Lintula monastery’s ties to Russia were cut and the monastery was transferred under the rule of Orthodox Church of Finland. In 1939, when the winter war began, the residents of the monastery fled to Finland. 47 nuns fled to Joroinen where they continued their way to Luhanka and settled to Kuhmalahti. In 1946 the monastery moved to Heinävesi. Some of the nuns were old and became ill on the way, so many of them passed before reaching Heinävesi. Some refugee nuns were buried in Lutheran graveyards. Many did not even have names on their graves. As a consequence, Nun Agnia’s burial place was unknown until the 1980s when it was discovered again. When the burial place was found, Nikolai Jokiniemi, who had crafted memorial crosses at Lintula monastery, crafted a cross and a memorial plate for nun Agnia with the help of graphic artist Tuula Murtola.

    Address : Kotkatlahdentie 72, Joroinen

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