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Berlin resident register

    The Berlin resident register and its index provide information on the entire city’s residents from 1875 to 1948 and on residents in Berlin (West) up to 1961. The residents’ registration office was divided into subject areas to process particular questions (among others, foreigners and refugees) and register groups. In 1963, the office had to manage approximately 8 million index cards. The cards of people who had out-migrated have been transferred to the secondary register. Indexes also follow a phonetic principle, which determines the sorting order and further distinguishes between men, widowed and unmarried women. The register of residents A – Z contains approximately 3,700,000 index cards. Using this index, one can follow the movements of Berlin’s residents and have insight into their number and sex, as for refugees.

    Original source name : Einwohnermeldekartei Berlin
    English translation : Berlin resident register
    Creator : Administration
    Document- type 2 : registry
    Reference number : B Rep. 021-01
    Language(s) : German
    Geographical coverage : Germany
    Time range : 19th-20th c.
    Year(s) : 1875 - 1961
    Theme 2 : legal
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    Archive name : Landesarchiv Berlin
    Archive name (English) : State archives Berlin
    Archive address : Eichborndamm 115–121, D-13403 Berlin
    City : Berlin
    Country : Germany
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