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Church and mission ledgers

    Greenland was claimed by Denmark as a Danish colony in the 17th century, although colonisation efforts began only in the 18th century. Efforts to convert the population to Christianity began in the 1720 and continued in the 19th century. Danish and Moravian missions were established at a growing number of locations in connection with the colonial project. In addition to baptism, confirmation, marriage and funeral records, ministers often kept records of persons entering and exiting their congregations (Til- og afgangsliste), including colonists and missionaries from Denmark. While women are not highly visible in published histories of the Danish colonies in Greenland, the church records provide insight into their presence. Data is available on outgoing and incoming parishioners for the following date ranges (listed by parish): Aasiaat/Egedesminde (1855–1866, 1890–1902), Alluitsoq/Lichtenau/Alluitsup Paa (1899–1921), Appat/Ritenbek (1831–1855), Ilulissat/Jakobshavn (1850–1909), Qaqortoq (1827–1899), Qasigiannguit/Christianshåb (1880–1909), Qeqertarsuaq/Godhavn (1853–1930), Qeqertarsuatsiaat/Lichtenfels/Fiskenæsset (1826–1886), Maniitsoq/Sukkertoppen (1828–1901), Nanortalik-Narsaq Kujalleq/Frederiksdal (1822–1900), Nuuk/Godthåb (1733–1901), Paamiut/Frederikshåb (1864–1885, 1890 – 1905), Sisimiut/Holsteinsborg (1801–1905), Upernavik (1833–1911) and Uummannaq (1832–1905).

    Original source name : Missions protokol/Atuagarsuit/Kirkebøger
    English translation : Church and mission ledgers
    Creator : Religious institutions
    Document- type 1 : church records
    Reference number : [Multiple reference numbers]
    Language(s) : Danish, Greenlandic, German
    Geographical coverage : Greenland
    Time range : 18th-19thc.
    Year(s) : 1733-1930
    Theme 1 : empire/colonial
    Archive name : Nunatta Katersugaasivia Allagaateqarfialu
    Archive name (English) : National Museum and Archives of Greenland
    Archive address : Nunatta Katersugaasivia/Hans Egedesvej 8, Boks 145, 3900 Nuuk
    City : Nuuk
    Country : Greenland
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