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Collection Katinas Papa

    The collection includes letters, photographs, and articles related to Katina Papa (1903-1959), a Greek pioneer pedagogist and literary writer. She was born in North Epirus, a province of the Ottoman Empire (now Albania), and pursued her studies in Greece, Austria, and Germany.

    Original source name : Αρχείο Κατίνας Παπά
    English translation : Collection Katinas Papa
    Creator : personal fonds
    Document- type 1 : correspondence
    Document- type 2 : photograph
    Reference number : N/A
    Language(s) : Greek
    Geographical coverage : Greece, Austria, Germany
    Time range : 20thc.
    Year(s) : first half of 20th c.
    Theme 1 : education
    Theme 2 : experience of migration
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    Archive name : Εθνική Βιβλιοθήκη Ελλάδος
    Archive name (English) : National Library of Greece
    Archive address : Λ. Συγγρού 364, 17674 Καλλιθέα, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα
    City : Athens
    Country : Greece
    Official website and institutional resources :
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