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Collection of Maia Chachia

    During the mass deportation of Germans living in the Soviet Union in 1942, Maia Chachia’s family was deported to Central Asia, namely, to the collective farm “Rodinka” in the Akmolinsk region of Kazakhstan, from where the family returned to the capital of Georgia after rehabilitation in 1947. The collection contains photos from Mariam Chachia’s family archives including photo archives of the Otten’s family: Maria-Elisabeth Otten, Tatyana Otten, Irina Zavrieva-Otten.

    Original source name : მაია ჭაჭიას კოლექცია
    English translation : Collection of Maia Chachia
    Creator : Family
    Document- type 2 : photograph
    Reference number : DOC-N25
    Language(s) : German, Georgian
    Geographical coverage : Georgia
    Time range : 20thc.
    Year(s) : 1928-1960
    Theme 1 : family
    Theme 2 : war and displacement
    Link to the item in the catalogue :[]=photo
    Archive name : ქართულ-გერმანული ციფრული არქივი 
    Archive name (English) : Georgian-German Digital Archive
    Archive address : 41, Vaisl Barnovi str. Tbilisi, Georgia
    City : Tbilisi
    Country : Georgia
    Official website and institutional resources :
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