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Collection of Maria Chaplinska-Zauer

    Collection contains documents from Maria Chaplinska-Zauer’s personal archive and her oral histories. Maria Czaplinska-Sauer, She was the daughter of German immigrants, was exiled to Kazakhstan with her mother and sisters. In this interview, she describes the route they took from Tbilisi to Kazakhstan. First, they traveled to Baku by train, and then they arrived in Turkmenistan by cargo ship on the Caspian Sea. Maria recounts how they endured thirst due to the intense heat and lack of water during their journey. A goods train from Krasnovotsk, Turkmenistan, traversed the desert for 17 days. She talks about their experiences in exile, highlighting that they never ate bread, and her mother used to cook turtles.

    Original source name : მარია ჩაპლინკა ზაუერის კოლექცია
    English translation : Collection of Maria Chaplinska-Zauer
    Creator : personal fonds
    Document- type 1 : audio
    Document- type 2 : personal
    Language(s) : Georgian, Russian, German
    Geographical coverage : Georgia
    Time range : 20thc.
    Year(s) : 1941
    Theme 1 : exile
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    Archive name : ქართულ-გერმანული ციფრული არქივი 
    Archive name (English) : Georgian-German Digital Archive
    Archive address : 41, Vasil Barnovi, str, Tbilisi, Georgia
    City : Tbilisi
    Country : Georgia
    Official website and institutional resources :
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