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Emigrant records of the Oslo Police, 1867–1966

    Complete records for all documented emigrants leaving Oslo (formerly Kristiania) for overseas destinations. Information collected on each female emigrant includes her given name, surname, age, place of origin, the name of the ship on which she travelled, the name of the person paying the ticket and the amount of money she brought with her. Some information on women emigrants’ occupations and family relationships to other passengers is also preserved. Most emigrants were of Norwegian background, although Norway was also a transit country for some emigrants.

    Original source name : Oslo politikammers emigrantprotokoller 1867–1966
    English translation : Emigrant records of the Oslo Police, 1867–1966
    Creator : public service
    Document- type 1 : passenger list
    Document- type 2 : registry
    Reference number : Statsarkivet i Oslo, Oslo Politidistrikt (A-10085), Reisekontroll, Eef: Emigrantprotokoller 1867-1966, nr. 1-44
    Language(s) : Norwegian
    Geographical coverage : Norway
    Time range : 19th-20th c.
    Year(s) : 1867–1966
    Theme 1 : statistics
    Theme 2 : legal
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    Publication(s) : Sverre Mørkhagen, Farvel Norge: Utvandringen til Amerika 1825–1975 (Oslo: Gyldendal, 2009).
    Archive name : Statsarkivet i Oslo 
    Archive name (English) : Regional State Archives in Oslo
    Archive address : Sognsveien 221, 0863 Oslo
    City : Oslo
    Country : Norway
    Official website and institutional resources : Norwegian emigrant records have been digitised and can be viewed individually on An online database [] permits searches limited to women.
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