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Greenlandic women in Ísafjörður 1925

    In August 1925, the Danish government transported a large group of Greenlanders from their home community of Ammassalik to an isolated new colony 1000 km to the north at Scoresbysund. The group from Ammassalik sailed on the Gustav Holm to Ísafjörður in Iceland, where they spent three and a half days loading winter supplies before continuing to Scoresbysund. Photographs taken of the Greenlandic women waiting on the docked ship and exploring the town document their otherwise marginalised presence among the migrants. Thyra Juul (front row, third from left) and her sister Hilda Nielsen from Denmark (front row, second from left) were among the women who hosted a summer picnic for the Greenlanders during their stay.

    Original source name : Grænlenskar konur á Ísafirði 1925
    English translation : Greenlandic women in Ísafjörður 1925
    Creator : N/A
    Document- type 2 : photograph
    Reference number : TJ-140
    Language(s) : Danish
    Geographical coverage : Iceland
    Time range : 20thc.
    Year(s) : 1925
    Theme 1 : empire/colonial
    Theme 2 : family
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    Archive name : Ljósmyndasafnið Ísafirði
    Archive name (English) : Ísafjörður Photography Museum
    Archive address : Safnahúsið Eyrartúni, 400 Ísafjörður
    City : Ísafjörður
    Country : Iceland
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