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Letter from Betty Jacobsen

    This collection contains a letter from Elisabeth (Betty) Mariane Magdalene Jacobsen (1843–1925), the first Faroese student to attend the Vallekilde folk high school in Denmark in 1873–1874, where she later found employment as a school nurse. The larger letter collection to which this letter belongs was originally assembled by Jens Davidson, the first librarian of what would later become the National Library of the Faroe Islands.

    Original source name : Letter from Betty Jacobsen
    English translation : Letter from Betty Jacobsen
    Creator : N/A
    Document- type 1 : correspondence
    Reference number : H
    Language(s) : Danish
    Geographical coverage : Denmark
    Time range : 19th-20th c.
    Year(s) : 1843-1925
    Theme 1 : education
    Theme 2 : work
    Archive name : Føroya Landsbókasavn
    Archive name (English) : National Library of the Faroe Islands
    Archive address : J.C. Svabos gøta 16, Postboks 61, 110 Tórshavn
    City : Tórshavn
    Country : Faroe Islands
    Official website and institutional resources :
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