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Maria Rebekka Mikkelsen Letters (1877-1956)

    Maria R. Mikkelsen, born in Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands, emigrated to Denmark in 1898, where she completed her education and found permanent employment as a registrar for the Danish State Archives. She quickly became a leader of the Faroese community in Copenhagen, where she remained until her retirement. She spent her final years, 1947-1956, in Tórshavn. Mikkelsen authored one short story and translated extensively, but she also played a less visible role in assisting other Faroese authors in proofreading their work and preparing it for print publication in Denmark. Mikkelsen’s letter collection is the largest collection of migrant women’s letters in the National Library of the Faroe Islands.

    Original source name : Brævasavn Mariu Mikkelsen (1877-1956)
    English translation : Maria Rebekka Mikkelsen Letters (1877-1956)
    Creator : personal fonds
    Document- type 1 : correspondence
    Reference number : E 779 a2-a26
    Language(s) : Faroese, Danish
    Geographical coverage : Faroe Islands, Denmark
    Time range : 20thc.
    Year(s) : 1900-1956
    Theme 1 : education
    Theme 2 : work
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    Archive name : Føroya Landsbókasavn
    Archive name (English) : National Library of the Faroe Islands
    Archive address : J.C. Svabos gøta 16, Postboks 61, 110 Tórshavn
    City : Tórshavn
    Country : Faroe Islands
    Official website and institutional resources :
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