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Marija Jurić Zagorka’s archival fonds

    This file contains documents from the legacy of Marija Jurić Zagorka: personal documents and correspondence with various addressees, related to her journalistic work; minutes of the Croatian Journalists’ Association. Marija Jurić (2 March 1873 – 30 November 1957), known by her pen name Zagorka, was a Croatian journalist, writer and women’s rights activist. She was the first female journalist in Croatia and is among the most read Croatian writers. At her mother’s insistence and with her father’s objection, Zagorka married Slovak-Hungarian railway officer Andrija Matraja, 17 years her senior, in an arranged marriage held at the end of 1891. She disapproved of her husband’s chauvinism against Croats. The couple lived in Szombathely, Hungary, for three years, during which she suffered a mental breakdown, but they eventually divorced.

    Original source name : Arhivski fond Marije Jurić Zagorke
    English translation : Marija Jurić Zagorka's archival fonds
    Creator : personal fonds
    Document- type 1 : correspondence
    Document- type 2 : personal
    Reference number : N/A
    Language(s) : Croatian
    Geographical coverage : United States
    Time range : 20thc.
    Year(s) : 1910-1957
    Theme 1 : family
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    Archive name : Hrvatsko novinarsko društvo
    Archive name (English) : Croatian Journalists' Association
    Archive address : Perkovčeva 2, 10000 Zagreb
    City : Zagreb
    Country : Croatia
    Official website and institutional resources :;
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