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Maya Pejić Photocollection (of migrant women)

    Maya Pejić was born in the Hague, Netherlands, in 1935. She became famous with her photos of Cuba: she is specialized in social photography, of minorities, migrants, and the marginalized

    Original source name : Fotocollectie Maya Pejić
    English translation : Maya Pejić Photocollection (of migrant women)
    Creator : personal fonds
    Reference number : COLL00010
    Language(s) : Dutch
    Geographical coverage : The Netherlands
    Year(s) : 1970-2006
    Theme 1 : art and culture
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    Archive name : Intenational instituut voor sociale geschiedenis
    Archive name (English) : International Institute of Social History (IISG)
    Archive address : Cruquiusweg 31, 1019 AT Amsterdam, the Netherland
    City : Amsterdam
    Country : Netherlands
    Official website and institutional resources :
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