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Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Cetinje (1879-1916)

    The collection contains, among other documents, Montenegrin citizens’ passports issued by the Ministry and indicating their destinations. The documents date back to 1879-1916, starting right after Montenegrin independence in 1978 and up to the capitulation in World War I. Although most information focuses on men’s migration, women were also documented especially the ones who travelled with their families or were going to be reunified with their families.

    Original source name : Ministarstvo inostranih djela- Cetinje (1879-1916)
    English translation : Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Cetinje (1879-1916)
    Creator : Administration
    Document- type 1 : identity documents
    Reference number : DACG 5, box 36, col.186; 19, 45, 1879-1916
    Language(s) : Montenegrin
    Geographical coverage : Montenegro
    Time range : 19th-20th c.
    Year(s) : 1879-1916
    Theme 1 : family
    Theme 2 : war and displacement
    Publication(s) : Pejović Srđan, Stevan Radunović, Poimenični protokoli izdatih pasošsa u Knjaževini Crnoj Gori (1884-1892), Knjiga III, Državni arhiv Crne Gore, Cetinje, 2015
    Archive name : Državni arhiv Crne Gore
    Archive name (English) : The State Archive of Montenegro
    Archive address : Novice Cerovića 2, 81250, Cetinje, Montenegro
    City : Cetinje
    Country : Montenegro
    Official website and institutional resources :
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