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Papers of Bom Sucesso Dominican Convent, Lisbon

    The Convent of Our Lady of Bom Sucesso was founded in 1639 for Irish women and girls who were eager to live a religious life in Ireland, but were unable to do so due to the restrictive laws against Catholics. Dona Iria de Brito, a wealthy Portuguese countess, donated her house and property for the use of the nuns who could live a monastic life in the house. The Irish nuns lived in the community until August 2016.

    Original source name : Papers of Bom Sucesso Dominican Convent, Lisbon
    English translation : Papers of Bom Sucesso Dominican Convent, Lisbon
    Creator : Religious institutions
    Document- type 1 : estate records
    Reference number : PT/OB/PS
    Language(s) : English, Portuguese
    Geographical coverage : Ireland, Portugal
    Year(s) : 1642-2016
    Theme 2 : philanthropy
    Archive name : Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo
    Archive name (English) : Torre do Tombo National Archive of Portugal, Lisbon
    Archive address : Direção-Geral do Livro, dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas, Edifício da Torre do Tombo, Alameda da Universidade, 1649-010 LISBOA, Portugal
    City : Lisbon
    Country : Portugal
    Official website and institutional resources :
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