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Papers of Johanna and Voldemar Päts

    This finds contains documents of Johanna Päts, political activist, who escaped during WWII through Gerany to Sweden, then Canada.

    Original source name : Johanna Päts - sotsiaalvaldkonna arendaja, ühiskonna- ja majandustegelane; Voldemar Päts - kunstipedagoog ja kunstnik
    English translation : Papers of Johanna and Voldemar Päts
    Creator : Family
    Document- type 2 : personal
    Reference number : ERA.5206
    Language(s) : Estonian, English, German
    Geographical coverage : Estonia, Germany, Sweden
    Time range : 20th-21stc.
    Year(s) : 1934-1994, 2000-2009
    Theme 1 : experience of migration
    Theme 2 : war and displacement
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    Archive name : Rahvusarhiiv
    Archive name (English) : Estonian National Archives
    Archive address : Nooruse 3, Tartu 50411, Estonia
    City : Tartu
    Country : Estonia
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